The Secret to Female Ejaculation

The Secret to Female Ejaculation

There's a lot of mystery around the different ways women experience sexual pleasure. The star debate revolves around the all puzzling G-spot orgasm and the unicorn of sex acts: female ejaculation.

Science is beginning to unravel these perplexing topics. However, understanding the secret to female ejaculation requires some medical knowledge, because female ejaculation is a biological response and requires some technical information.

The ‘G' in G-spot stands for Ernst Grafenberg, a German gynecologist who studied the role of the urethra concerning a female's sexual climax and helped develop the IUD which is a birth control device.

The Mystery of the G-Spot

The G-spot is near the roof of the vagina. It's a bean-sized gland comparable to a man's prostate. The G-spot is between 1 to 3 inches up along the outer wall and faces frontward. It's only recently that the Grafenberg spot was found and medically identified by Adam Ostrzenski, M.D. Ph.D. in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The G-spot didn't have a place in mainstream sex knowledge until 1982 when The G-Spot: And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality hit the market. The text was collaboratively written by Alice Khan Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry.

The work became both a New York Times and an international bestseller. They argued female ejaculation is possible for every woman and focused their study on G-spot orgasms which challenge the idea that ejaculation is only for men.

Tips to get a G-spot Orgasm

According to sex experts, every woman is born with the ability to ejaculate. However, female ejaculation isn't the dramatic squirting show found in mainstream porn. Don't get frustrated if you can't squirt, it's not unusual for many women to struggle it.

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the G-spot. If you insert a finger/ or a small toy between 1 to 3 inches toward the roof of the vagina and press gently, you can identify it and begin to feel pleasant sensations.
  • Recognize the tension as the arousal intensifies.
  • Allow yourself to feel the cum filling your body.
  • Get comfortable enough to release the fluid.

The cum won't stain your sheets. Put a towel down, relax and enjoy the sensations. There are a wide variety of toys built to stimulate your G-spot and can help you experience a vaginal orgasm.

Urine or Cum?

Most experts don't argue about the legitimacy of female ejaculation but what it is made out of. There is one school of thought who believes it to be urine. Yet, Dr. Susan Block, a famous sex therapist vehemently argues female ejaculate isn't a sign from the bladder, but the G-spot:

'Part of my mission with female ejaculation education is to help these women feel normal. Because they are. And it is a normal reaction. And it's a sexual reaction – they aren't incontinent.'

Are Men and Women's Ejaculate Similar?

International sex educator, Deborah Sundahl shares Block's perspective that female. G-spot cum isn't produced by the bladder but by different glands in the vagina. The main difference between a woman's ejaculate compared to a man's cum is the lack of semen.

We need more research to fully understand female ejaculation. The important aspect to remember when seeking out a vaginal orgasm is to relax and familiarize yourself with all the new feelings and developing the confidence to release the orgasm.

Experts do agree on one thing, don't feel pressure to squirt. Female ejaculation is just a part of a vaginal orgasm, and its absence is nothing to be worried about.

G-Spot Toys

Experts and sex toy manufacturers are constantly working to develop better tools to help women ejaculate. The best bet when choosing G-spot toys is to pick one that's ergonomically thoughtful to accommodate the shape and location of this mysterious erogenous zone.

Choose toys made from stainless steel or Pyrex glass and have curved wands with a knob on the end that faces frontward when it is inside you. Pick a toy with a smaller girth if you're new to G-spot toys. For more versatility, G-spot toys should offer mild to superstrong vibrations.

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